Creating Concept Maps

//Creating Concept Maps

Track: Online Learners
Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Workshop

Concept mapping is a research-supported strategy for improving online learning effectiveness. Concept mapping is not only a learning tool, but can also be used for teaching and assessment. In this workshop you will explore some of the many ways you can use concept maps in various phases of the teaching and learning cycle.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify relevant research based strategies and explore learning activities that utilize concept mapping in online education
  • Develop an activity for your online course integrating concept mapping

This is an asynchronous, week-long workshop which will begin on a Monday and end on the following Sunday. The workshop will require approximately 6-8 hours of work, including reading research-based articles, viewing presentations, engaging in online discussion forums, and submitting assignments. Total length of time to completion: 7 days.


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