Creating Infographics for Learning


Track: Online Design Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Workshop Infographics use data and graphic design to tell stories, teach concepts, and present information. Online activities integrating visual data can develop content literacy and analytic thinking. In this workshop you will learn how to locate, evaluate, and integrate infographics into your teaching, as well as explore the possibilities for creating infographics with your data. You will review the research behind what makes infographics so compelling, and why they are effective cognitive tools for communicating information and data. Learning Objectives Identify and discuss ways that educators can use infographics to improve student learning Create an [...]

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Creating Effective Assessments


Track: Online Design Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Workshop An important component of successful online teaching is developing efficient assessment strategies and methods. In this workshop, you will explore formative and summative assessment techniques used in online education and develop assessment strategies suitable for your online course. You will create a plan to help align learning objectives and activities with assessments. You will explore the differences between summative and formative assessments, and discuss strategies for implementing them. Integrating multiple forms of assessment allows students more opportunities to evaluate their performance. Learning Objectives Identify formative and summative assessment strategies used in online education Develop [...]

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Creating Concept Maps


Track: Online Learners Delivery Mode: Asynchronous Workshop Concept mapping is a research-supported strategy for improving online learning effectiveness. Concept mapping is not only a learning tool, but can also be used for teaching and assessment. In this workshop you will explore some of the many ways you can use concept maps in various phases of the teaching and learning cycle. Learning Objectives Identify relevant research based strategies and explore learning activities that utilize concept mapping in online education Develop an activity for your online course integrating concept mapping Format: This is an asynchronous, week-long workshop which will begin on a Monday [...]

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